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  • Sat 27 Jul 2024

    L'Europe Galante by André Campra

    L'Europe Galante by André Campra

    Baroque Summer School Participants

    Jesus College Chapel

    An opéra-ballet combining solo songs, beautiful choruses and passionate baroque dance

    free to £15.00

  • Fri 25 Oct 2024



    The Revolutionary Drawing Room

    St Catharine's College Chapel

    The revolutions of Europe are raging outside the windows – and the musicians of the day are entertaining their employers in the drawing rooms of Vienna, Paris and London.

    free to £20.00

  • Thu 21 Nov 2024

    A Birthday Party for a King

    A Birthday Party for a King

    Apollo’s Cabinet

    Downing Place URC, CB2 3EL

    Berlin, 1758. It’s Frederick the Great’s birthday party, and Germany’s most gifted composers perform their latest works.

    free to £27.50