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Pembroke College Auditorium (map)
Tue 14 May 2024 19:00
Adult £27.50 F/T Student £7.50 (ID required) Under 18 no charge

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Step into the vibrant streets of 18th century Madrid, where every street corner tells a story and every overheard note ignites passion; once a humble town, it now stands as a cultural epicenter, a bustling hub of traditions and emotions.

Forma Antiqva soundtrack this city and this time – from the familiar tunes of Fandango to the dramatic crescendos of Overtures. Let the symphonies of Nebra, Conforto, and Corselli sweep you away, alongside unexpected surprises from rising talents like Baset, Castel, and Mele.

Jorge Jiménez, violin
Daniel Pinteño, violin
Ruth Verona, violoncello
Daniel Zapico, theorbo
Pablo Zapico, Baroque guitar

Instrumental program of corrales and coliseos

José de Nebra Obertura de Iphigenia en Tracia – Allegro
Bernardo Álvarez Acero Fandango
José Castel Sinfonía No. 3 – Allegro
Nicolás Conforto Sinfonía de La Nitteti – Andante alla francese
Vicente Baset Sinfonia a più stromenti Bas-3 – Allegro assay; Adagio; Minuete
Luigi Boccherini Tempo di Minuetto (Op VI)
Juan Bautista Mele Sinfonía de Angelica e Medoro – Andante
Nicolás Conforto Fandango
Vicente Baset Apertura a più stromenti Bas-7 – Allegro assay; Andante moderato; Presto
Santiago de Murcia Cumbees
Nicolás Conforto Sinfonía de Siroe – Con ira; Andante alla francese; Allegro
Francisco Corselli Obertura de La cautela en la amistad – Andante
José de Nebra Obertura de Iphigenia en Tracia – Minué; Allegro
José Castel Sinfonía no 3 – Minuetto
Vicente Baset Apertura a più stromenti Bas-5 – Allegro assay; Adagio; Allegro

Approximately 75′ with no interval
Generously supported by Instituto Cervantes and the Spanish Embassy.
Pembroke College Auditorium (map)
Tue 14 May 2024 19:00
Adult £27.50 F/T Student £7.50 (ID required) Under 18 no charge

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