David Owen Norris at the Broadwood pianoDavid Owen Norris, 1828 Broadwood Grand Pianoforte
This concert is part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas.

An intimate evening with David Owen Norris playing on his 1828 Broadwood Grand Pianoforte Mendelssohn’s Sonata in E Op. 6 and Rondo Capriccioso along with Sterndale Bennett’s Sonata Op. 46.

For the first thirty years or so of the nineteenth century, Broadwoods sawed their wooden sustaining pedals in two, the right-hand half raising the dampers from middle C up, and the left-hand half raising the dampers from middle B down. Mendelssohn and Sterndale Bennett (Prof. of Music at the University of Cambridge from 1856 to 1875) were just two of many composers who took advantage of this potent device.
David Owen Norris’s Broadwood pianoforte displays all these devices to perfection.

Howard Theatre, Downing College
Thu 17 Oct 2019 19:30

Have a look to this video, where Professor David Owen Norris talks about these wonderful instruments.

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