Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2013


Magnificat dir. Philip Cave

7.30pm, Friday 8 February, 2013
Trinity College Chapel, Cambridge
Tickets:  £20.00,  £15.00
The Tudors at Prayer explores Latin devotional music composed during the reigns of Tudor monarchs Henry VIII, Mary and Elizabeth. Thomas Tallis's emotive Suscipe quaeso and two of William Byrd's greatest works, Tribue Domine and Ne irascaris Domine, are interspersed by Quemadmodum desiderat and two Antiphons by John Taverner, settings of Christe qui lux by Byrd and Robert White, and Robert Parsons's exquisite Ave Maria. Several of these works are featured on Magnificat's most recent recording, Where late the sweet birds sang, which features sacred Latin music by Parsons, White and Byrd.
Magnificat was formed in 1991 by its conductor, Philip Cave, to explore the rich diversity of choral music from the last five centuries. The ensemble specialises in the restoration and performance of neglected choral masterpieces of the 16th and 17th centuries. Magnificat's performances have been hailed as stunning, luminous, superb, vibrant, exquisite and stirring, and have confirmed their position in the very front rank of Early Music practitioners.... The performances are guaranteed to refresh even the most jaded palate. [Early Music Review]
English polyphony has formed an enduring strand in the group's repertoire, highlighted by an award-winning recording of Tallis's masterworks Spem in alium and Lamentations.


    William Byrd (c.1540-1623):
        Christe qui lux es
    John Taverner (c.1495-1545):
        Two Antiphons: i. Ave Maria, ii. Fac nobis
    John Taverner:
        Quemadmodum desiderat
    William Mundy (c.1529-c.1591):
        Adulescentulus sum
    William Byrd:
        Tribue, Domine
        -- Interval --
    Robert White (c.1538-1574):
        Christe qui lux (IV)
    Thomas Tallis (c.1505-1585):
        Suscipe quaeso, Domine
    William Byrd:
        Ne irascaris, Domine
    Robert Parsons (1535-1572):
        Domine, quis habitabit
    Robert Parsons:
        Ave Maria


    director Philip Cave
    Amy Haworth
    Alice Gribbin:
    Sally Dunkley
    Caroline Trevor:
    Steven Harrold
    Ben Hymas:
    William Dawes
    William Gaunt
    Giles Underwood:



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