Cambridge Early Music Concerts 2013


Joel Frederiksen (bass, lute, archlute)

3.00pm, Sunday 14 April, 2013
Queens' College Long Gallery, Cambridge
Tickets:  £15.00,  £12.00
Joel Frederiksen's concert during the first Festival of the Voice caused a sensation. The American basso profundo returns to Cambridge for a recital of works by Campion, Dowland, Caccini, Kapsberger, Lanier and Henry Lawes. He includes a work written for him by American composer Laurence Traiger, to a text based on the words of architect Frank Lloyd Wright.
By kind permission of Lord and Lady Eatwell, this concert offers a rare opportunity to hear inspired music-making in the Long Gallery of the President's Lodge at Queens' College.
He has at his disposal an astonishing range of vocal registers and styles, virtuosically ornamental and with powerful diction....truly amazing. [Donaukurier]


    Thomas Campion (1587-1620):
        Fire, fire
        Be thou then my beauty named
        Beauty is but a painted hell
        If thou longst so much to learn
        Your faire lookes inflame my desire
        Beauty since you so much desire
        Whittingham Fair
    Rowallen Manuscript (c1620):
        untitled dance
    Scottish, anonymous:
        The flaming fire
    John Dowland (1563-1626):
        Tell me true love
    Giulio Caccini (c1545-1618):
        Amarilli mia bella (Egerton Ms. 2981)
        -- Interval --
    Robert Johnson (c1583-1633):
        'Tis late and cold
    Giovanni Puliaschi (c1570-c1620):
        Locar sopra gl'abissi
    Giovanni Girolamo Kapsberger (1580-1651):
        Pietà, pietà di chi sì more
        Tu ch'hai le penne Amore
    Laurence Traiger (b. 1956):
        Children of Earth and Sun
    Henry Lawes (1595-1662):
        That flame is born of Earthly fire
    Nicolas Lanier (1588-1666):
        Fire, fire


    Joel Frederiksen bass, Renaissance lute, archlute

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